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The Witcher 2 will be at Gamescom

It looks like Gamescom is going to be huge this year. We’re seeing more and more developers opting to show and announce their games at this European show rather than E3 and the latest on the list is The Witcher 2, sequel to one of my favourite role playing games in recent years. Here’s the statement from the game’s twitter page. (more…)

Gamescom 2010 Predictions

Starting next month, Gamescom 2010 kicks off for its second consecutive year since moving to Cologne. However, this European based gaming convention is quickly growing in importance, expected by many to even rival E3 this year. With numbers of attendees reaching the hundreds of thousands, and top publishers and developers from all over the world presenting their latest games, Gamescom 2010 promises to be one hell of a show. (more…)