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Simon Jameson
5 Min Read

ADC is an acronym for Average Damage Done. It is a statistic used to measure damage output in League of Legends that takes into account the player’s average damage over time rather than calculating the end result of their last instant in-game combat. This statistic…

Simon Jameson
6 Min Read

A noisome pestilence is a nasty, disgusting or unpleasant thing. It could be described as something that causes pain and annoyance worse than the disease itself, causing discomfort to others around it. A noisome pestilence is a type of disease that spreads quickly and causes…

Simon Jameson
7 Min Read

A Dorian scale is a musical tuning system for the minor mode. This type of scale, which was named after medieval theorist Nicolaus of Cusa, has an ascending and descending tetrachord with different degrees in each octave. The terms “Dorian” and “ratio dorian” are sometimes…

Simon Jameson
4 Min Read

Qbert is a video game released in 1982 by Brøderbund and designed by Will Wright. The object of the game is to guide Qbert, a friendly character with an eye patch on his left eye, through a series of levels while avoiding obstacles. With no…