Meriloft, a company based in Vancouver, Canada has created an innovative new game called Vella. In this “non-violent” player versus environment experience that features no competitive elements or PvP combat, players are tasked with gathering resources and building up a thriving civilization.

The “broken age walkthrough” is a walkthrough for the game “Broken Age”. It includes all of the puzzles and solutions.

(Act 1) Vella – Meriloft


Vella is carried to Meriloft, which looks to be some type of sky settlement. You should be cautious where you walk until you reach the cloud shoes since you could fall through them. Talk to Walt’r and his son Ch’t, the two males in the middle. They’ll give you a quick rundown of what’s been going on and inform you of Jesse’s missing egg.

Broken Age Act 1 Meriloft

Broken Age Act 1 Green Maiden

Take the ladder down to the south and speak with the maiden who’s been left behind to receive some cloud shoes first. She’ll hand you a pair of cloud shoes. Wear these to avoid falling through the clouds.

After that, head to the Cloud Shoes store and speak with Car’l. She’ll drop her knife if you startle her. If you ask her to create you some cloud shoes, she’ll tell you that she can’t accomplish anything without her knife.


Go to the east and speak with M’ggie. She’ll offer you a ladder that can be extended. You’ll see your knife is trapped in a nest over to the right. To get there, use the extended ladder. Return to Car’l and hand up your knife. She’ll offer you a pair of large cloud shoes in exchange. Return to the east, putting the giant cloud shoes on the extended ladder.

Use the extended ladder to reach the nest containing the egg to the north. You’ll ascend to the top and get the golden egg. To get off the island, you’ll need three of these eggs. Take a walk to the west of the island and speak with F’ther, who requests an offering. Place your golden egg in one of the enlightened bowls. You may now ascend the ladder and speak with H’rmony Lightbeard. He’ll drop another golden egg when you converse with him. Climb down and place it in one of the illuminating bowls.

Broken Age Act 1 Golden EggBroken Age Act 1 Lightbeard Return to the middle area and climb up to Jessie’s nest using the extendable ladder. You’ll come upon a peach tree if you continue east. Pass through the peach tree and onto one of the branches. You’ll accidentally release a peach, which will fall over the skies. You’ll slip down if you go too near to the tree. You may get the fruit that dropped down if you go to the west.

Gus is currently dangling from a tree in the direction of the east. You’ll tumble down if you attempt to squeeze by Gus. Climb the tree and fall into the hole to the tree’s north east. You’ll land on Gus and then tumble off.

Climb down the tree once again when a bird lands you back on the island. You’ll be able to get Jessie’s egg this time, leaving the third golden egg open for you to take. Take it and place it in the third enlightened bowl. If you try to ascend the ladder, you’ll end yourself in Shellmound.



The “broken age she’ll” is a phrase that was used in Act 1 of the game Vella – Meriloft. It is said by the character, Zareen. The phrase means that she will be broken soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get past the snake in Broken age Vella?

A: You can use a glove to pick up the snake and put it on your head.

How do you get the last golden egg in broken age?

A: You have to go through the games story multiple times, and even then you might not get it.

How do I get off the cloud in Broken age?

A: Restart your game in the cloud.

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