With the release of C&C: Covert Operations, Ubisoft has made a game that will not just change your play style but also shape what you think about warfare. The newest installment in the Command and Conquer series builds on its deep gameplay mechanics to test players’ limits–and let’s them decide how they want to play through scenarios with branching endings

C&C: Covert Operations

C038C-Covert-Operations15 new missions for both GDI and Nod troops are included in Covert Operations. There are 7 new Missions of the GDI and 8 new Missions of Nod. Some of these missions are quite difficult, and in general, they are much more difficult than the original Command and Conquer campaign.

Covert Operations is a 1996 expansion pack that does not add any new features to the game. The new tasks do not have to be completed in any particular sequence.

You may choose any of the Covert Operations missions by going to the menu and selecting ‘New Missions.’ A complete walkthrough of all of the missions can be found here.

Missions of the GDI


The Fury of Hell


Imperative of the Elemental

Ground Zero is a site in New York City where

Fate has a funny way of working things out.


Missions of Nod

Unfavorable Environment


Notice of Eviction

The Tiberium Strain is a kind of Tiberium.

Cloak and Dagger is a cloak and dagger game.

Takeover by the Enemy

Under Seige: C&C

Death Squad with a Nod

amusement park (Dinosaur Missions)

The Funpark Campaign consists of a few fun missions playing as either GDI or Nod. They were released to celebrate the release of Jurassic Park. If you are using the Origin launcher you won’t be able to access the Funpark missions. Instead use the C&C Ultimate Collection launchers here. Use the new desktop icon to run C&C and the Funpark campaign will be included in the ‘New Missions’ section.

1st mission

Mission No. 2

Mission No. 3

Mission No. 4

5th mission



The Covert Operations is an add-on for Command & Conquer that features 7 new missions for GDI and 8 new missions for Nod. It was released in 1996, one year after C&C.

The Apache helicopter for Nod, Chem-Troopers, and the SSM Launcher are among the new units in Covert Operations. You’ll also receive access to the Jurassic mode Funpark Campaign if you use the Ultimate Collection Launcher, where you may battle and play as dinosaurs.


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