A story of a little guy, with an insane hat and a big nose. He’s always hungry for souls to satisfy his insatiable hunger. This is the world’s first 1930s cartoon-inspired run & gun action game where you play as Cuphead or Mugman, going head-to-head in frenetic combat against devilish enemies hell bent on taking your soul. You’ll need wits, weapons and luck (and maybe some help from friends) to let off enough steam to make it out alive!

Cuphead is a 2D platformer game that has been out for a while. It’s an indie game and I highly recommend it! You can find it on the “cuphead online” as well as other platforms.



Cuphead is a cute run-and-gun indie game that can be played alone or cooperatively. It has three worlds with a branching level sequence and a slew of challenging monsters. Hand-drawn cel animations in the style of a 1930s cartoon are included in Cuphead. The backdrops are water colored, and you may play each level while listening to original jazz music.

Cuphead is a difficult game to complete, and you’ll see from the first fight that you’ll be dying often. You begin with three lives, which you must use to complete each level. More hearts, weapons, and skills may be purchased at the shop using gold coins found sprinkled around the run and gun stages.

Cuphead’s mission is to locate all of the souls that have fled the Devil. Cuphead and Mugman must locate and vanquish these souls in combat, or the Devil will steal their souls.

Walkthrough for Cuphead

Inkwell Isle 1 is the first world.

Threatenin’ Zeppelin Floral Fury Forest Follies Treetop Trouble Mausoleum 1 Botanic Panic Clip Joint Calamity Ruse of an Ooze Threatenin’ Zeppelin Floral Fury Forest Follies Treetop Trouble Mausoleum 2

Inkwell Isle 2 (World 2)

Sugarless Pyramid Shimmy Carnival of Peril Action Fiery Frolic Funfair Fever Funhouse Frazzle Mausoleum 2 Kerfuffle Aviary

Inkwell Isle 3 is the third world.

Rugged Ridge Shootin’ n’ Lootin Honeycomb Herald Murine Corps of Junkyard Jive High Seas, Dangerous Piers Wrath of the Hi-jinx Dramatic Fanatic Railroad

Inkwell Hell is the last act.

All bets are out and it’s going to be a wild ride.

Cuphead Advice

Make sure you’re acquainted with all of the controls in the tutorial before moving on to the more difficult stages of the game.

  • Crouch – Keep your hands on the ground to crouch. You may often crouch to dodge boss strikes.
  • Leap — For a small jump, tap the jump button; for a larger jump, hold it.
  • Holding down and hitting jump will allow you to drop from ledges.
  • Fire — To fire, press the shoot button. At any one moment, you may have two distinct weapons in your inventory.
  • When you assault, cards will accumulate next to your hearts. You may utilize a full card for a special attack once it is full.
  • Super – Super assaults may be found in the Mausoleums. For the Super assault, hit the Ex Move button when you have 5 cards.
  • Parry – You can parry slap anything in the game that is pink. In co-op gameplay, you may also parry slap your friend to revive them. You’ll get a card if you successfully parry slap anything.


Marija and Ryan Moldenhauer of StudioMDHR Entertainment created Cuphead. It was published for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on September 29th, 2017. Cuphead was initially shown off during a Microsoft E3 press conference in 2014, when it was praised for its appealing aesthetics. Cuphead has garnered extremely good reviews on Steam since its debut, and it has grown in popularity much above the makers’ expectations.


Cuphead is a 2D platformer video game developed by StudioMDHR Entertainment. It was released on September 29, 2017 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. The game features heavily stylized visuals that mix 1930s art with 1930s animation techniques. Reference: cuphead wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cuphead a horror game?

A: No, Cuphead is not a horror game.

Is Cuphead appropriate?

A: Cuphead is rated T by the ESRB.

Is Cuphead difficult?

A: No, Cuphead is not difficult. It is a fairly easy game overall and it can be beaten in about 3 hours.

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