The gaming industry is still a young one, with advancements in technology and gameplay being made every day. With that said, there are also some rather shady practices going on behind the scenes of games; from loot boxes to pay-to-win microtransactions.

“Deceit” is a word that means to hide or conceal something. There are many synonyms for “deceit”, such as “untruth”, “fraud”, and “trick”.



Your mission is to infiltrate a Nod base that has been blocked off by GDI soldiers. Retake the base and wipe out the GDI soldiers.

Taking Control of Your Base

The operation begins with two Commandos and an Engineer. Move cautiously to the north west, eliminating the infantry along the way. A Chinook will land when you reach the sanbagged area. To take control, use the Engineer. Make sure you also get the Money Crate.

Take the chopper all the way to the west, where a small revealed area awaits you. Start by repairing the base and constructing a Hand of Nod. This location is guarded by Guard Towers, which make it difficult to leave.

Taking Control of the GDI Foundation

Fortunately, the Chinook is still available. 2 Engineers will be trained and loaded onto the Chinook alongside the Commandos. Land the Chinook behind the sandbagged spot where you stole the helicopter on the cliff.

Offload your soldiers, dispatch a Commando to the north, then load everyone back into the helicopter to avoid Tiberium damage. The Commando should go north till he is assaulted by Orcas.

Send the Chinook to land adjacent to the GDI Power Plant presently. Take over the Power Plant, construct a SAM Site to eliminate the Orcas, and snipe any soldiers with the Commando.

Take control of the Construction Yard in the north east, construct a Hand of Nod in the new base, and begin a takeover of the whole GDI complex. Turrets will aid you in dealing with Mammoth Tanks.

GDI Forces are being cleared out.

To win the task, construct an airstrip and then tanks to clear the map of Guard Towers and other GDI troops.

Following it is an eviction notice.

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Deceit is a game that is played on the PlayStation 4. The gameplay can be described as a mix between stealth and action. It has been released for the PS4 in October of 2016. Reference: deceit gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does deceit mean lying?

A: Deceit is the term used to describe a hidden intention. One who deceives attempts to keep something from being known or revealed, often by tricking another person into believing that what they are saying is true when in fact it isnt. It does not refer specifically to lying about things you do know for sure and may also be called lying by omission.

What is deceit example?

A: Deceit is a term that refers to the act of deliberately keeping something hidden in order to harm or take advantage of someone.

Is the game deceit free?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot and I can answer that for you.

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