GDI was a popular browser game in the early 2000s that has since been rebooted as an online service. GDI is now used by millions of users and players, with hundreds of thousands playing daily. The new version includes improvements such as cross-platform support and integration with Valve’s Steam system which has increased player engagement over time.

The “command and conquer ion cannon gif” is a video that shows the Ion Cannon Strike. It is one of the most important weapons in Command and Conquer.

GDI 13: Ion Cannon Strike

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The goal of this operation is to destroy the Nod Bio-Research facility, which is where Kane is said to be. You’ll be able to use the Ion Cannon if you’ve completed the Advanced Communication Center. As far as I can tell, 13A and 13B are the same thing.

[Route to the Left]


Build your base after moving your MCV west, between the two Tiberium Fields. As usual, begin by constructing a Power Plant and Refinery, followed by a Weapons Factory. Begin constructing Light Scouts to defend your base against infantry.

a quick strategy

You must solely concentrate on protecting your base with this method. To keep the attackers at bay, construct some Guard Towers and Tanks. Build an Orca when you have the resources. Send a Light Scout to the northeastern cliffs. The square within the Nod base on the hill should be visible. Send the Orca to land on the hill and take it one step at a time towards the research complex until it is uncovered.

Wait for the Ion Cannon to charge before constructing an Advanced Communications Facility. Use it to remove the Research Facility after it has been charged.

Slow-moving Strategy

Take control of the core base as your initial objective. Construct an APC and staff it with three or four engineers. Send a wave of Tanks and Light Scouts towards the central base to eliminate the Turrets and Nod troops. Take control of the Refinery, Hand of Nod, and other structures with your APC.

The central base is well-defended and has just one access. As the Nod forces send forth waves of troops, construct several Advanced Guard Towers.

It’s difficult to get past the Obelisks of Light defending the main base. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to complete this assignment, since you just need to destroy the Bio Research Facility, which is located on a hill east of the Nod headquarters.

You can either build a few Orcas to carefully fly around to the right and then up to the facility, where they can land and make strikes on the facility, or you can build a few Orcas to carefully fly around to the right and then up to the facility, where they can land and make strikes on the facility.

The alternative option is to construct Rocket Launchers and aim them against the Nod base’s south east wall. Allow them to continue north, smashing the fortifications along the way. They’ll soon be able to target the Research Facility on the eastern ridge.

The job will be finished after the facility has been destroyed.

[Right Path]

Because the right way utilizes the same map as the left path, the Left Route tutorial will help you finish this assignment.

GDI Mission 14: Fish in a Barrel follows next.

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The “gdi 15c” is a new game that was released on the GDI website. The game has been in development for over 3 years and features a new type of gameplay.

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