This game of skill, dexterity and strategy is a classic. Choose from three colorful blocks at the top of the screen and use your mouse to guide them through its maze-like structure towards the jellyfish in each level’s goal. The first player to get all their blocks past the right side wins!

The “junkyard jive expert” is a game that has been around for quite some time. It’s a platformer where you must collect all the junk in each level, and then use it to make your way to the next one.

Junkyard Jive

Returning to Cuphead


You’re again aboard an airplane, but this time you’re up against a massive robot! Prepare for one of the game’s most challenging boss fights.

The Giant Robot (Phase 1)

The robot starts off with a few basic attacks, but as you damage certain components of it, it gets more. The components on the head, chest, and stomach must be destroyed. Once you’ve done that, a heart will emerge, which you must destroy before moving on to the next level.

Antenna: A harmless thin laser will be fired from the antenna on top of the robot’s head to show you where the antenna is pointing. It will then shoot a considerably larger laser at you, which you must dodge. You can stop the antenna from shooting its primary shot if you fire at it while it’s employing the tracking laser.


Drone from the Robot’s Chest: A pink barrel will emerge from the robot’s chest and shoot blue lasers at the top and bottom of the screen. The only way to get past it as it advances towards you is to parry the pink barrel and switch off the lasers.

Stomach Ships: Small ships will sprout from the robot’s stomach. Fortunately, they only take a few rounds to kill each other.

The robot will get another attack if you damage any of the aforementioned parts.

When you destroy the antenna, the head transforms into a cannon that fires golden nuts and bolts. You’ll have to maneuver around them.

Magnet & Arms: When you destroy the chest cavity the robot can summon either a magnet or an arm. The magnet appears at the bottom of the screen and slowly draw you towards it, making it difficult to steer. The arms will appear on the left side of the screen and move closer towards the robot. You’ll need to hide underneath or above them.

Homing Bombs: Once the stomach has been destroyed, the robot will shoot out homing bombs on a regular basis. You may shoot them to kill them, but be aware that they have a massive explosion, so keep away.

A heart will emerge once all three parts have been destroyed. Continue to fire the heart while evading all other assaults until the phase is over.

Flying Head (Phase 2)

The head of the robot will fly across the screen in a back-and-forth motion. You’ll have to avoid it while blasting the Homing Bombs that will be flying at you. Continue shooting the flying head until the next phase is reached.

Dr. Kahl (Phase 3)

Dr. Kahl will then emerge from the robot head and utilize it as a flying saucer. It will form a crystal that will spit out hundreds of crystal shards in your direction. Simultaneously, an electric wall will fly at you, occupying the majority of the screen.


Continue shooting Dr. Kahl and his flying saucer while flying around the walls and evading the crystal particles.

Murine Corps is up next.

Cuphead’s backside


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