Tanya is a brave, resourceful young girl who has been taken captive by the evil Baron. The mission for our heroes to save Tanya and return her safely home falls squarely on their shoulders.

Red alert allies 5a is the fifth mission of red alert allies. In this mission, players need to rescue Tanya.

Mission 5: Rescue Tanya


Tanya must be rescued.

Tanya has been abducted, and it’s up to you to find her and bring her back. You start the assignment with only one Spy. Except for the dogs, the Spy can slip past hostile troops undetected.

This mission has three distinct maps, but the aim is the same for all of them. Make your way to the building where the Truck is parked by looking for a space between the patrolling dogs. The Spy will drive the truck across enemy territory to the facility where Tanys is being kept captive.

Use Tanya to destroy the four SAM sites surrounding the complex as she emerges from the building. You’ll be picked up by a Chopper, and you’ll be given additional troops to demolish the Soviet base.

Five Engineers are among the reinforcements. They can’t take over a structure until it’s damaged to less than 25% health, unlike Command and Conquer. If you send an Engineer into a building that hasn’t been harmed, he’ll cause some damage but not take it over.

Send your troops up to the Construction Yard, Barracks, and War Factory to cause havoc. Engineers should be sent in to take control of the buildings and then fix them. You’ll be able to train additional Engineers if you acquire control of the Barracks. Try to get one of the Power Plants as well, since training units will take a long time if you don’t have any.

Start by constructing your base and assembling a group of 12+ Light Tanks. These will allow you to break past the Soviet Compound and demolish their Construction Yard. The adversary may decide to sell their whole base and send all of their soldiers directly for you now that their Construction Yard is gone. The objective will be completed after they’ve all been destroyed.

After that, infiltrate the enemy.

Red Alert is back!


The “Tanya’s Tale: North Walkthrough” is a walkthrough for the game “Tanya’s Tale”. The walkthrough will help you through each level of the game. Reference: tanya’s tale north walkthrough.

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