The newest game from acclaimed independent developer Amir Rajan features rhythmic exploration and a metronome. Players can explore their surroundings with sound, which is deeply integrated into the gameplay experience. The title is set in an ancient temple that’s home to four deities: five-year-old Hari, who lives on a goat; Nod 13 – Ish…

The “cradle of my temple south africa” is a game that was released in 2014. It’s set in the South African desert, and it’s about a young boy who has to find his way back home after being separated from his family.

Nod 13: Cradle of my Temple

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Cradle of My Temple (Mission 13A)

[Northern Route] [Northern Route] [Northern Route] [



The goal here is to take out the three GDI bases. One is on the south island, while the other two are on the north. You may construct the Temple of Nod, which permits you to launch one Nuke.

Build a Power Plant and a Refinery using your MCV where it begins. You begin on a little sliver of land sandwiched between two rivers. The rivers to the north and south are patrolled by gunboats. To the east, there lies a tiny GDI outpost.

Don’t bother with the Hand of Nod; just enter the Airfield. Build three or four Nod Buggies as well as a couple Tanks. Send them to the east to annihilate the GDI forces. They don’t have any manufacturing facilities on this stretch of land, so don’t expect them to produce any additional units.

It’s simple to take over the outpost to the east. Destroy the Guard Towers before dispatching an Engineer to the Refinery and other structures. Keep an eye out for the GDI forces stationed on the outpost’s southern flank.

Send two Engineers out via the northern door to grab the two helicopters after you’ve completed all of the structures. On the opposite side of the river, you’ll be given a flare signal indicating where they may land.

Send an infantry chopper to survey the area first. A hospital and a power plant are located over the bridge. Take both of them over and construct a refinery. Make careful your Harvester doesn’t harvest too far north, since Advanced Guard Towers from the main GDI base will attack it.

Send a Chopper to the south wall of the GDI base to the west, along with a few Rocket Soldiers and Engineers. Take over the Power Station and construct a Hand of Nod underneath it by shooting through the wall. You may then take over the rest of the GDI structures, such as the Barracks and Weapons Factory.

By now, you should have enough credits to develop a sizable army of Medium Tanks. Make use of them to scout a little to the east. Send a Chopper with Engineers and Infantry to the eastern hill. Take control of one of the Silos and construct a Hand of Nod underneath it. For extra credits, take over the other Silos.

Break through the north side wall of this base and take over the other buildings, or send your Medium Tanks through the front entrance to wipe out the last GDI base. The objective will be completed after all GDI troops and buildings have been eliminated.

Cradle of My Temple (Mission 13B)

[Route to the Northeast]



This is a challenging task. Send your Tank and Rocket Troopers west to annihilate the Medium Tank. Build the Construction Yard west of the MCV, between the two tiny tiberium farms. Set up a base here and dispatch your infantry to clear the GDI troops to the west. Seize your Engineer west to take control of the Chopper.

Helicopters will drop Grenadiers and other Infantry into your patch of territory by GDI. Make sure you’ve got soldiers ready to take them out.

Construct a second and eventually a third Refinery to swiftly collect all of the Tiberium. On the southern side of the river, reinforcements will arrive in a matter of minutes. To defend this base, you’ll need to construct a Construction Yard, at least 2 or 3 Cannons, and an Obelisk.

Once the southern base seems to be secure, construct one or more refineries to harvest the Tiberium in the west. Scout the map using one of your vehicles. Send a Chopper loaded with Engineers and Rocket Troopers to the western base’s south flank. Take control the Silos by breaking through the wall. Create a Hand of Nod here to keep selling and take over the Silos for additional credits.

Build up a force of Flame Tanks and Small Tanks now that you have access to the GDI silos. Send them south to destroy the GDI base in the south, then west to destroy the GDI base in the west. It’s advantageous if you have a nuke ready to destroy one of the Construction Yards while your tanks destroy the other.

This task will be completed after all GDI structures and troops have been destroyed.

Cradle of My Temple (Mission 13C)

[The Eastern Way]



Because the initial location is surrounded by water, simply start with the essentials. Until you deploy an MCV in the southern landmass, you won’t need an airfield. You’ll be carpet bombed many times, so keep your soldiers spaced out and make sure your structures are in good shape.

When the Commando comes, use him to demolish the chapel on the little island south of your base in exchange for a money package. Then use the Chopper to transport him to your main base.

You’ll acquire vision on the initial GDI base if you build a Communications Center on the eastern edge of this beginning region. To break through the barricade and take over the Power Station, send in an Engineer, Rocket Troopers, and your Commando. Prepare an Obelisk to put on the ground so you can rapidly remove the Mammoth Tanks.

Establish your base here and utilize the Obelisks to breach the eastern side’s defenses. To the east is a Tiberium field, but you’ll need to entice the Mammoth Tank away before you can harvest it.

On the western side of the map, you’ll be awarded another MCV at some time. Place it somewhere north of the cliffs’ pass, then construct Obelisks and Cannons on the southern side. This pass will be traversed by the majority of GDI troops.

At this time, hold off the GDI while you assemble an army of Mammoth Tanks. Send them to the eastern edge of the southern GDI base, where they’ll be wiped off. This objective will be completed after all GDI forces and structures have been destroyed.

Then there’s espionage.

Mission 12: Steal the Codes is now available.


“Nod 13: Cradle of my Temple” is a game about exploring a temple, solving puzzles and fighting enemies in order to reach the final boss. Reference: temple strike.

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