In the past year, YouTube’s user base has grown by 50% and it is now ranked as the second-most popular website globally. The platform had its first billion views back in 2012 and really took off when Apple began featuring it during their iOS 10 launch event this fall.

“when did among us get popular in 2020” is a question that many people have been asking. The game was released on March 4, 2019 and has since become wildly popular.

Why Among Us Got Instantly Popular –

It’s 2020, the RTX 3000 series has just been announced, the PS5 will be out in a few weeks, and there are a slew of new titles and remasters on the way. It’s a fair assumption that the gaming community is becoming more reliant on visuals and spending more money in order to play these AAA games correctly.

Well, Among Us is live evidence that 2D games aren’t dead, and that all a game needs to succeed in the gaming business is superb execution. Here’s everything you need to know about Among Us, including why a game published in 2018 only became famous two years later.

What is it that we have among us?


Among Us is a social deduction game created by Inner Sloth, an independent developer. The game is played by 4-10 people, with 1-3 imposters and the rest of the players being crewmates.

The game’s objective is easy and simple. Before they are slain, crewmates must accomplish a series of missions. Crewmates win if they accomplish a task or successfully evict the impostor via meetings. The impostor wins if the imposters murder all of the crewmates until the number of imposters and crewmates is equal.

Other features in the game, such as sabotage and vents, may be used by imposters to swing the balances in their favor. On paper, the game seems to be ideal. However, the game fared poorly upon release — and this is an understatement, in my opinion.

In the year 2018,…

As a result, Among Us was initially only available as a smartphone game with local multiplayer. It was designed to be a fun Android and iOS party game. That was the first blunder made by the developers. A bunch of gamers in the same room is no longer a notion, if you ask me, thanks to Discord, Team Speak, and every other program on the world. Despite this, the game was published and was attracting 30-50 players at the same time.

Marcus Bromander, the designer, believes that a role in the poor release was terrible marketing. Regardless, the studio was adamant about making it work, and they continued to produce regular updates and even an online version of the game, with a Steam release following later.

It took the creators two years to keep upgrading a game that was probably losing them money rather than making them. But it was here that huge things began to happen for them, and the game gained a following. The game’s first 30-50 players swiftly grew to 1.5 million peak concurrent players.

Here’s what went well for Among Us, making it the most popular game on the planet at the moment:

The Memes


To grasp everything that contributes to the game’s popularity, we’ll just list the causes in order of least to most effective. And, first and foremost, there are the memes. With a rush of humorous cross-over memes, r/AmongUs blew big at the same time as the game.

I haven’t been watching Twitch or YouTube in a while, so I wasn’t aware of the game until I saw memes. You may dismiss a handful of them if you don’t understand the meaning, but after receiving regular spam from meme sites across all social media platforms, I became fascinated and decided to investigate what the game is all about. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this.

Who knew memes could be such an effective unintended marketing tool?

It’s ideal for quarantine.

Everyone has struggled with quarantine. It has separated us from the people we care about and confined us to our rooms. Despite the fact that quarantine has been removed in a number of nations throughout the world, things are far from normal, and we still can’t hang out with our pals as we used to.

While other games allow you to play with three or four buddies, Among Us offers ten-person lobbies, guaranteeing that no one is left behind. It’s a fun game to play with friends both online and in person.

Everything is compatible with it

Among Us will operate on any device, from an iPhone to a Samsung refrigerator. It’s a 2D game created for the gameplay component, not the visuals, as we said previously.

Most of us already have gaming systems capable of running games much more demanding than Among Us, but we all have friends who aren’t gamers but enjoy the hobby anyway. Even if they can’t play Modern Warfare with us, they can still play Among Us with their buddies.

The game is also available on iOS, Android, and Steam. On cellphones, the game is free to play, but it costs $3-$5 on Steam, depending on your location. A cracked version of the game is also available on various sites. Cross-play is available on all of the platforms listed above. Cross-play is possible even with the cracked version of the game on the official Steam servers.

The Regular Updates


Inner Sloth isn’t a massive corporation with hundreds of workers. There are just three people in the firm. That’s correct, there are three of them. These three individuals published the game and continued to update it for two years without receiving any compensation. On Steam, the game hardly sold any copies, and nearly no one paid for the cosmetics. For the next two years, Inner Sloth kept the game updated.

Among Us was a game that had fewer than 100 concurrent players when it first launched and had to quickly expand its servers to handle over a million. This achievement merits a standing ovation. Any sensible developer would have given up months ago on Among Us. However, because of their attempts to keep the game current, it attracted Twitch broadcasters’ attention, which I’ll discuss next.

Popularity on Twitch

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, a Twitch broadcaster with the 27th most followers on the site, is most likely responsible for Inner Sloth’s success. He broadcast Among Us on Twitch, and the game became viral there almost immediately.

Streamers like as Shroud, Ninja, Tfue, J9, and Skadoodle stepped right into the game, and the community adores them. The opportunity to see 10 of their favorite streamers clawing at each other’s throats and lying to them is unlike anything else. What a monkey sees, a monkey does… People caught up on the game right away. The number of players suddenly increased. And the rest, as they say, is history…

What Will Happen Next?

The developers have announced Among Us 2 as a result of the game’s success. There are no specifics on how it will vary from the current game. However, given the Inner Sloth’s dedication to creating something that people like, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have high hopes.

It is a game that has been around for a while, but it recently got popular. The reason why Among Us got instantly popular is because of the way it makes players feel about their character. Reference: why did among us die.

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